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Ed Rechnitzer
Ed Rechnitzer
Vmax Squad
December 27, 2017
Ed Rechnitzer
Coach Profile:

Ed Rechnitzer has over 28 years experience in Triathlon and has completed multiple Ironmans including Kona, and was an AG member of Team TBB in its last year. Ed spent 25 years in the Canadian Forces as an officer before fully retiring and transferring his leadership and instructional experiences to the profession of coaching. He's led training camps in Tucson, Mallorca and Mont Tremblant. Ed is based in Calgary. He speaks English, French, Italian, Hungarian and Spanish.

Description of Ed Rechnitzer

I have been very active in sports since growing up in Ottawa. It was not until university that I discovered triathlon, captaining the Royal Military College varsity team. I was also an AG member of Team TBB in its last year. Eventually coaching for me would become a fusion/extension of my military leadership experiences and an innate sense of service to others. 

Outside of triathlon I competed in 4-way formation skydiving (logged ~1960 jumps), was a provincial champion and national silver medalist, and an Accelerated Free Fall Instructor. I was also a professional ski instructor at Lake Louise, and still enjoy xc skiing and biathlon. Having been involved in so many sports has helped develop my coach’s eye from different angles and a toolbox of versatile skills. 

As a coach I am highly invested in my athletes’ goals. I strive to extract the most from them. I endeavor to turn hardships and set-backs into opportunities to embolden them, to be stronger in character, to try harder, to never give up even when success seems illusive. I see every day as an opportunity to improve, to shape the next performance, to become better. Success has a price – hard work. There are no shortcuts. While talent can be a blessing, I believe that exceptional commitment, high determination, an uncommon will to succeed and a fire in the gut attitude are even more invaluable assets. I value humility above all else. It helps keep self-importance at large and conceit from interfering with one’s willingness to recognize and accept the strengths, ideas and help of others in becoming the best one can be. Ultimately, the mind is like a parachute. It always works best when open. I look forward to being a part of your goals, your training, your success. 

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

I’m very proud of what my athletes have been able to achieve since starting as a full-time professional coach! Below are some of their major highlights over recent years:
1st   F60-64 Ironman Coeur D’Alene 2015 (Kona Qual)
2nd  F45-49 Ironman Copenhagen 2015 (Kona Qual)
4th   M40-44 Ironman Wisconsin 2015 (Kona Qual)
2nd  F60-64 Ironman Kona World Championship 2015
7th   F30-34 70.3 Calgary 2016 (WC Qual)
2 x 1st  M50-54 Xterra Canmore 2016-17 (Maui WC Qual)
3rd  M50-54 Canadian National Cross Championship 2016
2nd  F60-64 Calgary Half Marathon 2016
1st F60-64 Police Half Marathon 2017
5th M50-54 ITU Cross WC Penticton 2017
 3 x Boston Qualifiers 2015-16
9th F30-34 IM Whistler 2017
8th F30-34 IM Coeur D'Alene 2017
5th M40-44 IM Sant Rosa 2018 (Kona Qual)
5th MPro 70.3 Eagleman 2018
3rd F30-34 70.3 Gulf Coast 2018
6th F30-34 70.3 Mont Tremblant 2018
7th MPro IM Mont Tremblant 2018
9th F30-34 70.3 Steelhead 2018 (WC Qual 2019)
2nd M50-54 Woburn Half Ironman 2018
1st F30-34 70.3 New Orleans 2018 (WC Qual 2019)
9th MPro 70.3 Texas 2019
6th M40-44 IM Australia 2019, PB 9.43hrs, (Kona Qual)
6th MPro 70.3 Eagleman 2019
1st F45-49 Peach Classic 2019
3rd F30-34 70.3 Indian Wells 2019 (WC Qual 2020)
1st F45-49 Challenge Daytona 2019 (Challenge Championship Qual)

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I have a singular focus and unwavering commitment to be the best coach I can be. My approach in this relentless pursuit has followed that of a martial artist – seeking to draw on a Master’s wisdom and depth of experience, to listen and learn, to a understand and absorb, in an unending spiral quest to forge a better version of myself for my athletes. That is why I sought out Brett’s (Sutton) mentorship and guidance. I am truly honored to have earned Brett’s confidence and to now be in position to apply the training concepts and principles that have generated so much success in our sport, at all levels.

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Ed is so much more than a coach....he's a motivator, he's a friend, he's got a sense of where you are at, and he can and does get a sense of what you can deal with, and how much to ease or to push.  His adaptability leads to an amazing plan that has produced for me incredible results. I had a massive motorbike accident in the middle of our training, we adapted and I was able to come back strong. He has done a lot of this without me being a brilliant mentee, I have not always been able to keep him up to date, but he's adapted and been patient with me.  I can't tell you how brilliant he is, if you want to do your best, and have someone to help you become better, go no further...he's the man

Matthew Atkinson
11 months ago
Coach Ed is not only an elite coach, but he is also a tier-one human being.  He truly cares about the athlete AND the person, and optimizing balance in personal, professional, and family endeavors is his forte. His services come with my highest regards and recommendations. Coach Ed is not only a fabulous triathlon coach, but his unique life experiences allow him to offer sage wisdom and insight for better living beyond merely swimming, biking, and running. I am honored and privileged to work with and learn from him. 

Stephanie Hightower
about 1 year ago
Coach Ed is a very athlete focused, results oriented coach with a genuine desire to see his athletes fulfill their goals. I would highly recommend Ed to any athlete of any level of fitness as his approach is targeted and athlete specific. 

Faizel Sunderji
over 1 year ago
Ed is an incredible coach! He worked around my insane schedule and helped me to achieve my 70.3 goal followed by a PR in a half marathon. He is motivating and knew when to give me a kick in the pants to stay consistent. I recommend Ed to any triathlete looking to improve.

Matthew Stephens
over 1 year ago
Finisherpix 2209 085984
Fantastic coach!! Very dedicated! Thank you so much! 

Stephanie Hinse | Flying Chihuahua
about 2 years ago
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