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Declan Doyle
Declan doyle
Declan Doyle
United Kingdom
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January 10, 2018
Declan Doyle
Coach Profile: Declan Doyle

Declan Doyle has been a Sports Instructor for 25 years, both as a Physical Education Teacher and Coach. He played semi pro football and ran track under athletic scholarship in Canada. Involved in the sport of triathlon for 15 years and 9x Kona qualification. Declan is a Multiple ironman AG podiums at half and full distance. 

Description of Declan Doyle

Declan as an athlete learned to swim to do the sport of triathlon and worked his way from the back of the pack (where he was always the one hanging onto the canoe for dear life!), to the pointy end of world age group racing. As as a coach, this experience has helped him be particularly empathic towards the less gifted of us, particularly in the water. Through many years of  experimentation,  involving seeking out anyone who would listen to him. One of those people was Brett Sutton. 
Brett tore back all the nonsense around the sport revealing it to be a balancing act between the constraints of life, your own ability and how hard you are willing to work. He credits this experience as the cornerstone of his own coaching philosophy. He relishes the opportunity to impart the lessons of his own journey through the  sport and relishes working in a sport that rewards hard work over talent... He has gone full circle from chasing every gadget for the "magic bullet" that would make him faster right back to keeping everything as simple, basic and as holistic as possible. 
He has worked with Brett both directly and indirectly for many years and credits this relationship for instilling the knowledge and desire to be the best the coach one can be.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I love being able to help people get to somewhere they either hoped to be or did not believe they could be.

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