Run Stimulus Program – Age Group 16 Hour


NameRun Stimulus Program – Age Group 16 Hour
CategoryStimulus Programs
Duration16 hours
Trisutto Stimulus programs are one week programs which give focus to one triathlon discipline whilst maintaining fitness in the other two.

Stimulus programs are typically repeated for a training block of 4 weeks before athletes return to their normal training schedule or triathlon program.

It is appropriate for the off season but can also be incorporated during the year if we are wanting to focus on a specific discipline or weakness for a short period.

An example of how it is used during the race season, is that we finish a big race, recover and then commence the stimulus program, before moving back to our normal triathlon program.

Age Group 16 hours per week Run Stimulus Program

The Age Group 16 hours per week Run Stimulus Program gives additional focus on your running whilst maintaining your swim and bike training.
This program is designed for an experienced age group triathlete who has approximately 16 hours per week available for training. There are typically two workout sessions per day.
It can be started on any day of the week however it is designed with the longest workout day as Day 6 (which corresponds to a Saturday should the program be started on a Monday).
For age groupers who work a typical Mon-Fri work week, we would recommend starting the program on a Monday.

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