10 Turbo Sets

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Name10 Turbo Sets
CategoryIndoor Workouts
LevelAll levels
10 Monster Turbo Sets contains a a mix of Strength, Power and Endurance bike sets designed specifically for the turbo trainer. Workouts range in time from 90 mins to a maximum 3 hours. These sets are suitable for both professional and age group athletes alike.
The turbo trainer (wind trainer / bike trainer) is one of the best training tools available. It is:
  • Time efficient – jump on and go.
  • The best tool for developing strength as we can add additional resistance for big gear intervals.
  • There are no stop / traffic lights, or intersections so no unscheduled rest breaks or disruptions when doing hard interval or tempo rides.
  • There are no cars, pedestrians etc so we can focus 100% on the workout, rather than holding back 2% to watch for traffic hazards.
  • It is safe! Every year training on the road becomes more dangerous, and safe locations for training become more scarce.
  • Some winter climates make riding outside difficult for part of the year – snow, rain, etc.

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