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October 26

How many times do we hear that recovery is part of training? In the sports routine of us triathletes it is probably the most difficult part. How to blame us: this sport takes you and makes you fall in love. However, it is essential to insert adequate recoveries between one session and another , sometimes there is the necessary time, others need tools that can accelerate our ability to dispose of the accumulated labors.

Compex is a company founded in Switzerland in 1986 , the year in which it perfected, first of all, an algorithm able to allow a computer to stimulate the motor nerves through a signal completely identical to that sent by our brain. This signal is effective and safe for our body.

Countless scientific evidence proves the impressive impact at the level of the muscles correctly treated with electrostimulation. While the training of strength through Compex is known, an aspect probably underestimated by the general public is the effectiveness of electrostimulation in recovery: there are many studies available (for references that demonstrate how the use of electrostimulation allows to reduce the lactic acid present in the muscles , with better results than other methods, to increase capillarization and the muscles' ability to transport oxygen.

Translating these evidences into the life of a triathlete is not easy: the type of training, the different moments of the season, their goals, are factors to consider when choosing the programs available.

To help us today there is TO DO TRI: every workout will be integrated with the right Compex recovery . In addition to this benefit, the TRIBAR blog will frequently host the advice of Compex experts on how to make the most of Compex in injury prevention, postural and strength improvement.

Do not you have a Compex yet? With TO DO TRI you can get a reserved discount. 
It's time to train smart and recover faster. 
Swim. Bike. Run. Compex.