Freestyle Biomechanics Coming Soon

October 11

 Notice to all Triathletes 
Freestyle Biomechanics is a new video-based program for improving your stroke mechanics.  It is available through a new web site, Swimming Biomechanics that takes a unique approach to the analysis of the Freestyle.  
Using above- and underwater video, which includes Multi-Camera High-Speed Motion Analysis, and “Video Enhancement” technology, the site covers the Freestyle with a technical analysis that has not been previously seen. 
The site is under the direction of Jan Prins, Ph.D.  He has been involved in swimming coaching and research for more than 50 years. He is the founder and director of the Aquatic Research Laboratory, and teaches Biomechanics at the University of Hawaii.  He is also the director of Swimming Biomechanics, Inc., a private company, which focuses on the dissemination of swimming research.