Race results

Unbelievable weekend at IRONMAN Malaysia

December 2

Congratulations Diana on an outstanding (and rare) achievement – 4-peat at Ironman Malaysia!
Winning an Ironman is a huge thing. But winning an Ironman for 4 times in a row is just outstanding. After a disappointing race in Kona, where Diana suffered respiratory distress from algae in the water and could not finish the race, we decided to race Ironman Malaysia for a proper end of season. As the decision was short-termed we could not do the build up for the race in the climatic optimal environment of Phuket. Therefore we decided to stay on Mallorca and go to Malaysia only 3 days before race day. Preparation and travel went well. We pulled all tricks for heat adaption I learned in 20 years of racing and coaching. The pressure going into the race was huge if you won a race for 3 times. Of course everybody expects another win. Also the DNF in Kona did not exactly boost Diana’s confidence. To make a long story short Diana dealt with all of that like a Pro: won the race for the 4th consecutive year, set a new course record and was a threat to the men finishing 9th over all. If it is not happy, it’s not the end. I’m very proud that Diana could turn it around after Hawaii and pull of such a fantastic race.
Shiao-Yu lays down the power on the bike in Malaysia.
Shiao-Yu Lee also had a great race in Malaysia finishing 6th in the women field.In the weeks leading up to the race her training suffered from a lot of appointments she had to attend. However race warrior she is she performed much better than she thought possible.

Fantastic race by Mihai, with both a podium and Hawaii Qualification!
When I started coaching Mihai Vigariu beginning of this year we defined the clear goal to get him a ticket to Hawaii. I think, now I’m sure, my training approach was complete eye opening experience for Mihai. It was just a completely new training regiment. We changed his swim, cycling technique, nutrition. Changed his approach to altitude training, did pacing, did heat adaption. I’m glad that Mihai not only could book his Hawaii ticket at Ironman Malaysia but also placed 3rd in his Age Group. I feel really humble to work with such a dedicated athlete.

A strong finish by Victor gives a lot of motivation for future races.
Victor Osokin is a super dedicated athlete as well and I feel sorry that we could not achieve his goal of qualifying for the World Champs at Ironman Malaysia. Victor placed 12th in his Age Group but he struggled the whole day. Despite he did not very strong from the beginning he hang in tough and when I went back on the course to really kick his arse on the last 5 kilometers Victor really HTFU and made up 6 positions. When everybody was dying he ran strong. This performance will improve him a lot. We only fall down to learn how to stand up.

Team mates Andrea and Diana both had great days.
Andrea Bruhin in the IM 70.3 Malaysia event Andrea had a fantastic race. Despite the super tough conditions she could improve her personal best over the half distance by 15 minutes. I’m especially happy that her run is improving and the work we put in into that is paying off.
It was such a fantastic weekend in Malaysia. We all spent a lot of time together. Triathlon is such a great sport.