Portocolom Preview for Team Tripep

April 13

Team Tripep is very excited to race next Sunday. The area around Portocolom is our winter-training base. So the Triathlon Internacional Portocolom is like a "home race" for the team. 

Jenny Schulz was on the podium of this race already, with a 2nd place 2017. Her training was going very well lately. She is an exceptional fast runner, loves the trails here around Sant Salvador. So the run part will be a bit too short and flat for her liking. But if she has a good bike, she will be able to strom the podium again.🏆

It will be Jo Love Tri - Joanna Soltysiak 's first race for the team as she joined the team only 2 months ago. In this short time, we worked a lot on her swim and bike, where she made significant progress. Joanna had a nasty crash in camp here. She recovered well and we will use the race to gain back her confidence into her bike and biking abilities. 😎

Markus Hörmann Triathlet is in good shape. He has improved in all 3 disciplines, knows the race course very well, as he did the race already several time. He will be out of the water with the front pack and ride hard on this technical course. He has good run legs for sure.🦵

Andrej Vištica - triathlete also know the race venues very well as he spent many times training here. He actually has the team's record up Sant Salvador climb. He is a very strong and technical skilled cyclist. This is why he loves hard and hilly courses. If he is not too far off after the swim, he will give the male top athletes a hard time on the bike. 🚴‍♂️

We will all athletes safe and fun racing and a great start of their season.🤩
Spirit Triathlon Series

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