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Tough Performances at Ironman World Championships!

October 18

Great results from Spindler Performance athletes, including Mihai Vigariu, pictured above.

In what it will be remembered as the record-breaking edition of the Ironman World Championships, even the Spindler Performance squad had a tough and strong day of fighting on the Big Island of Hawai’i. But for sure, it was a proper fight.

“Well, that was ridiculously painful”, said Matti Weitz (GER) at the end of his own fatigue. “Grateful to finish but far from what I know I can do. Still managed to turn it into a positive experience with joy!” Matti clocked a 9 hours 38 minutes 59 seconds in the end – which was worth a 55th place in the M25-29 Age Group. 
In a full-distance Ironman, the lows and hard moments can get you at any time. “I had my hardest moment at the beginning of the bike when I started to have stomach distress”, says Sandra Schoeni (Switzerland). “I tried to calm down and relax and that what the solution.” Sandra’s attitude, her ability to not panic made and her flexibility when things got tough made the rest. “I decided to change my nutrition plan and drunk at every aid station a little bit coke (which I normally never do). I was very happy when reached T2 safe and earlier than expected. At the beginning of the run I was feeling good but as a result of my injury I couldn't hold my race pace. I tried to give my very best until the finish line and I am very proud and happy for not giving up.” Sandra concluded Kona in 12:33:23 and 64th in the AG F45-49.

Every race experience is different, though, as Mihai Vigariu (Romania) reports: “Today’s conditions were excellent”, says Mihai, who finished in 9:23:51 and 77th out of 185 competitors in the M30-34. “I’m very pleased with my execution and I gave everything I had, but when you attack Kona with 90kg on the carrier, you’ll have some problem on the run!”

A big shout also goes to Barbara Tettenborn (also from Switzerland).  I have the privilege to oversee her training since a bit more than 2 years. Barbara finished 9th in the AG F60-64 with a time of 13:16:30. Barbara is the living proof that age is just a number: When she raced Kona in 2014, she finished in 14:32h. Now, 4 years later, she improved that time by more than 1:15h! That is just amazing! Fantastic work! I'm looking forward to improve her time by another 1:15h over the next 4 years. ;-) 
But together with Barbara, Matti, Mihai and Barbara there were several other athletes of our team racing in Kona. Rowan Vorster from South Africa, who finished in 9:23:02 (40th M40-44), Beate Van Loo-Born from Germany (10:29:26 and 20th in the F35-40); Victor Osokin from Russia (9:33:26; 89th M35-40) and another athlete from the Swiss contingent, Dominique Meier (9:36:25; 51st M25-29). 

On our next recap, we will show the great results of our other Spindler Performance athletes finishing their season in great style at races around the world. 
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