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Ricardo Borges


NameRicardo Borges
LocationRibeirão Preto, Brazil
Team RoleCoach
Primary LanguageEnglish
TeamTriSoul Multisports
Coach Profile: Ricardo Borges

I'm a Brazilian physician, working with sports medicine and nutrition. I have been involved with triathlon and endurance sports as an age group athlete since 1994 and have coached age group athletes since 2005.

Description of Ricardo Borges

I discovered triathlon during college years. I’ve always liked cycling and migrating to triathlon was not a surprise. Being able to manage my time to train, still study to finish college, medical specialization and master’s degree was a challenge. After medical college, I’ve started to work with age group and elite athletes as their sports doctor and I’ve got the opportunity to witness lots and lots of injuries that came from the training. That has always bothered me and kept me searching for a way to improve performance without causing injuries. In 2015, I came across Trisutto training methodology, therefore had the opportunity to study more about it.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

Brett's passion for the sport is admirable. Trisutto’s methodology completely convinced me that it is the best way to get better results without having injuries. For me, as a physician and coach, this is the most important thing: helping my athletes to have great results, without injuries and for a very long period of time.

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 Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
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Just fantastic.  Ricardo Borges's strategy made me reach my goals just as I've planned.  His strength, patience and skills made the diference, game changer in my training.  Thanks Ricardo, Trisoul and Trisutto.

Renato Peroni
about 1 month ago