Briana Sam | PR or ER

Briana Sam

United States

NameBriana Sam
LocationHouston, United States
Team RoleAthlete
Primary LanguageEnglish
CoachRobert Taylor
TeamPR or ER
Age Group40-44
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Strava Activity
2018-11-17Afternoon Ride29.093700000000002 km95 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-15Evening Run6.7253 km56 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-13Evening Run0.4365 km20 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-13Evening Activity0.08259999999999999 km2 minsWorkoutStrava logo
2018-11-13Evening Ride0.0 km49 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-12Afternoon Ride19.5252 km49 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-11Afternoon Swim1.8 km39 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-11-10Lunch Run1.7197 km10 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-10Lunch Run1.7 km10 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-10Lunch Ride28.9882 km105 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-09Morning Swim1.825 km41 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-11-08Afternoon Ride32.2971 km75 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-08Evening Run6.812399999999999 km50 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-05Morning Run0.2469 km20 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-05Morning Activity0.06720000000000001 km1 minsWorkoutStrava logo
2018-11-05Morning Ride0.0 km45 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-05Morning Ride19.3199 km45 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-04Lunch Swim0.2 km4 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-11-04Lunch Swim1.6 km37 minsSwimStrava logo
2018-11-03Lunch Ride0.0 km10 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-03Lunch Run1.6819000000000002 km10 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-03Lunch Ride0.0 km17 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-03Lunch Run1.693 km10 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-03Lunch Ride0.0 km17 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-03Lunch Run1.6977 km10 minsRunStrava logo
2018-11-03Morning Ride32.625 km130 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-03Morning Ride0.0 km41 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-03Morning Ride0.3537 km2 minsRideStrava logo
2018-11-01Evening Ride0.0 km70 minsRideStrava logo
2018-10-31Evening Run5.063899999999999 km40 minsRunStrava logo
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Discount on trisutto clothing10%20%
Weekly Skype meeting to discuss training
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