Succesful racing weekend for my athletes in diverse races

June 4

A great weekend of racing.

Werner was starting at the bike challenge Säntis Classic over 130 km and 1800 hm. What a blast, he enjoyed his race under perfect weather conditions indeed. His finishing time was 10 minutes faster than last year and he even was able to race the second half faster than the first. He really gained a lot of fitness over the last couple of months under proper training. Consistency is key, hard work works!

Olli started at Ironman 70.3 in Rapperswil. The lake only had 16 degrees and towards the end of the swim he unfortunatelly had some troubles with crambs that cost him some minutes in T1. Nevertheless he continued and had a very good bike split followed by a run under meanwhile very hot conditions. No further problems with crambs, nutrition or such. A proper race with a happy finish. Well done!

Robi started at the Fisherman's strongmanrun and showed how strong and fast he is with a finishing time in the top 10% of all starters.

Happy Coach