Get well soon Mike

June 26

Last weekend our pro athlete Mike Schifferle was in Nice for his 4th IronMan race of the season and 89th of his career. Unfortunately, he was involved in a crash in the bike course and he was brought to the hospital with 5 ribs and a collarbone broken. Luckily he is a tough guy and he is already looking forward to coming back for the next race. It will take a while but we are sure that he will come back stronger than ever: he is a real IronMan. From Loolaba we wish him a fast recovery! Get well soon! You can send him a message to his instagram account @mikenow. 

This week we will start to get ready for the next race: this Sunday, Triathlon Uri! You can choose between sprint and olympic distance, team relay or individual race. Be there! We have one place available on the Loolaba van, including transportation of the bike. The only condition is that you drive the van :-) If you are interested please let us know ( or whatsapp).

Our next training with coach Christian will be on July 10th and 24th. If there are last minute changes we will update you as soon as possible through our WhatsApp group