Start your upward spiral

We are a team of athletes committed to the process of becoming the best we can be in our athletic endeavors and in our daily life.  We are amateurs and elites, young and old, experienced and always learning.  We work with integrity and are adamant about giving our best every day, even if it is not perfect.  Our team name symbolizes the upward spiral of consistent improvement with a solid core of understanding, process and patience as we continually increase our potential – reaching higher and higher levels of performance. 

Spiral Multisport Mission & Vision

Using and expanding on the methods that have guided thousands of athletes around the world to racing faster and more efficiently, our mission is to provide coaching, camps, education and training plans for athletes of all abilities.  We are doing our part within the Trisutto team to make available the training methodologies that have helped many athletes become Olympic, World and Ironman Champions. 

As our team name implies we begin small and focused, constantly learning, growing and expanding our potential.  Our vision is to build a squad of athletes from around the globe, provide educational seminars online, host camps both in the USA and internationally and create an all-inclusive multisport training facility in Arizona.  We believe that anyone, if provided the understanding and tools necessary, can achieve their best, both in sport and in life.