Race preview

Flying into Battle

October 10

At Trisutto we would like to thank all for the support shown to us for Daniela and all of our athletes in the run up into Kona 2019.

As requested for an update on her final preparations in the lead to the race this Saturday:

I can pass on that the preparation has gone flawlessly.

The Angry Bird flew in to Kona without any major injuries that could affect her race result.

Since Nice one can only say her form has improved a great deal - the lifting of her bike mileage has seen the legs move to the next dimension. As for predictions? I want to stress, as I have for every athlete whether they are an age grouper, a rookie pro or a nine-time World Champion – we do not and have never discussed winning. Instead, only on concentrating to be ready to be able to deliver a performance of excellence.

The goal we aim for is to produce a great race.

After the dust settles we can look at the result. If she has done her best, we will be more than happy to accept what ever the performance has produced.

As to the post race questions about longevity of how long will she can keep going?

I'll reiterate a point that has disappointed journalists, but which I think all triathlon participants already know for a fact. Triathlon is not like other sports. The individual race is supremely tough and exhausting. Even more exhausting than many who watch it imagine.

When putting her dominance into perspective with other sports – I point out that a full season in Ironman is worth 2-3 years in other sports. The absolute stress on the body is huge. So for Daniela to be vying for a fifth consecutive Kona win off the back of probably close to another 20 Ironman wins and 35 Ironman 70.3 wins is testimony to a career of unprecedented durability and consistency.

So when I explain that we only concentrate on the next upcoming race - even if that's next March, that's what we actually do. 12 months is a long time in this sport.

But I do know without doubt when the gun goes off on Saturday morning, Daniela has nothing left to prove to me or anybody. We will be witnessing a great champion going into battle once again and that should be enough for any real sport fan. 

Best mechanical luck to all challengers and athletes taking on Kona this year. May the best triathlete win.