Race results

Race recap Ironman 70.3 Busselton and 70.3 Mallorca

May 12

Tim Marbach did the Ironman 70.3 in Busselton last weekend as his second 70.3 race this year. He already had a great race in Thailand (70.3 Bangsaen) earlier in February where he finished 14th in his age group.

Afterwards, we made some changes in the swim, and he found a great group to train with. The warmup for the 70.3 race was the Metasprint triathlon in Singapore just 6 days before, where he had a very strong competition and improvements in all three disciplines. He finished the sprint race in the 8th position of the 30-34 AG and 39th (of 1000) overall despite that he did hold himself back on the run to save the legs for the 70.3.

The conditions were tough in Busselton with a very cold and choppy swim, but he managed it very well and exited the water with the smallest gap to the leaders he ever had. On the bike, Tim had to ride by feel as his power meter did not connect with the watch. He did most likely start the ride a bit too fast but still could ride a 2:36hrs bike split. The last 30km on the bike was tough though, and some doubts came up concerning the run. But nevertheless, he ran a super even half marathon and finished the race just under 5hrs, which is a new personal best under very tough and windy conditions! The icing on the cake was a 70.3 World Championship qualification. Really hard to believe that Tim started to train less than two years ago! Very well done Tim!


Borris Jung did the 70.3 race on Mallorca as his season opener. During winter we worked a lot on the swim to close the gap to the fastest AG athletes. He had a great 1,9km swim exiting the water after 29:10min! That was a massive personal best compared to 32:16 last year.

He also had a perfect start on the bike and worked his way into the top 10 of his age group (35-39) already very early. Unfortunately, he had a mechanical at km 70 that cost him a great result! He got surprised by a short but very steep hill, and the chain got stuck between the chainring and frame while he changed gears at the beginning of the hill. It was impossible to loosen it again without opening the chain. But fortunately, he had the tools and could continue the race after a 30min break. Of course, it was no option to give up and not finish the race, but the motivation was for sure gone. Still, Borris ran the 9th fastest half marathon in his age group. 1:25:42 was even a new personal best for the run.

There is a lot positive to take from this race, and I am sure that he will race 70.3 Luxembourg in June with an even bigger motivation!