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Race recap 26/27.05.2018

May 30

Over the last weekend once again many of my athletes were doing training races to prepare for the season highlights.

Marc Haller did his second 70.3 Triathlon in St. Pölten/Austria. Marc´s GPS file showed a very solid pace in the swim but he unfortunately was aiming for the wrong buoy at one point which had cost him some time. He still had the 49th swim split of his age group and was faster compared to his first 70.3 last year despite 100m extra meters and a running passage in the middle of the swim to get from one lake to the other in St. Pölten. Marcs ride was stronger as well. He was riding with a power meter for the first time in a race and followed the pacing instructions very well. With a bike split of 2:42hrs he was as fast as in Rapperswil last year.  The difference is that the course in Rapperswil was 6km short. All in all an improvement of almost 10min on the bike as both courses have about the same elevation. Marc´s run was stronger as well and he got to the finish line with a 1:44hr half marathon. He finished the race after 5:09hrs. Congratulations Marc!

Cornelia Stähli, Stephan Meinecke and Felix Peter did the Frauenfeld triathlon (800-34-7) as a training race for the upcoming season highlights. 

Cornelia had a great race and could improve a lot in every discipline compared to last year. With a 4:20min per km pace she got the second place overall in this race only two minutes behind the race leader. It´s just a matter of time until Cornelia will get her first overall victory! 

Stephan Meinecke had a great race in Frauenfeld as well and finished in first place of his age group with a comfortable 3min lead to the second place. Finishing a race like the Frauenfeld Triathlon in 8th place overall at an age of 49 years is really remarkable. Especially because he only lost 2min on the fastest AG athlete! Very well done Stephan!

Felix Peter unfortunately had bad luck on the bike with a flat tire after 2/3 of the bike course. The start of the race went quite well with the 9th fastest swim overall and very good values on the bike until the mechanical. But in the end it was luck that Felix took note of the beginning flat before a long descent! A mechanical is still a lot better than a crash! The next race is coming soon and the bad luck is used up for this year ;-).

Marco Schönman originally also planned to race in Frauenfeld. But one week before the race he found out that it was already sold out. The alternative last weekend was a short course Duathlon in Zofingen (4-16-4). Marco showed the fastest times in his agegroup in all three splits and won his agegroup! He finished 5th overall! 

Hjordis Olafsdottir ran a 10km run race last Sunday in Reykjavik. It´s our goal for this season to break the 40min mark in a 10km run. Unfortunately she did not have the day she was hoping for. After a 20min first 5k she had to slow down a bit and finshed the race in 3rd place overall after 41min21s. That’s still a very fast 10km pace, but I am sure that the 40min mark is just a matter of time!

Nora Koss did a team Triathlon in Berlin last Sunday. It’s a very nice format with 3*500m swim as a relay. Then the entire team of three does a 42km team time trial and has to run together. It´s a lot of pushing and pulling though the run to finish as fast as possible as a team ;-). Her team finished 4th in the mixed category. It was a great training for the upcoming races!


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