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Alister Russell
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Alister Russell
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July 18, 2018
Alister Russell
 Coach Profile: Alister Russell

Alister Russell has been coaching triathlon for 20 years, has been a coaching professionally for 15 years and has worked with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world. 
He has been Scottish National Junior Coach, has hosted his own training camps internationally and has been mentored directly by coach Brett Sutton over the last 12 months in camps in Switzerland and Cyprus. He is driven by wanting to help athletes achieve their best results, and is happiest when athletes exceed their own expectations. 

Description of Alister Russell

As a youngster I raced on the track and that experience fostered a love for trying to work out how best to train for running events, firstly for myself and then for others. 
A few years later a work move took me to Austin, Texas and I started coaching a running group. There were a number of triathletes in that group and I too the USAT qualification to figure out how best I could work with them. 
Coming back to the UK a few years later, I worked within the Scottish/UK system as a national coach and learned a huge amount from my mentor and the jobs that he threw my way. Since then I have been coaching both age-groupers and pros across all triathlon events with reasonable success. 
I have coached in UK, US, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland. I was fortunate enough to work as an assistant to Darren Smith with a squad of athletes containing several Olympians, 6 of whom were ranked in the ITU Women’s top 10. 
I have a BSc (hons) in Sports Science and an MSc in Strength and conditioning and enjoy researching the science behind performance. 
I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland and work with athletes all over the world, and in 2019 will be starting a training squad in my home area. 
What have you achieved in your coaching career? 
I have helped over 70 athletes qualify for their national team at ITU world and European championships (Standard, Long Distance and Duathlon), with one world champion and another athlete getting onto the podium. I’ve worked with several athletes, both pro and amateur who have qualified for Xterra world championships and another few who have qualified for Ironman World Championships. 
I work with a number of university athletes and have helped many of them make the difficult transition from junior to senior age group. 
Most recently, a young athlete that I have been working with took bronze in the orienteering World Junior Championships. 

 Why do you work with Trisutto? 
Brett Sutton shows and understanding of the sport and it’s athletes like no one else. He has developed a coaching framework / methodology to exploit that understanding. 
The TriSutto methodology works for all athletes, no matter event or ability. Simplicity and quality within a methodology is key for me, and having researched some of the science behind Brett’s techniques I realised that it would help me develop as a coach. 
 I wanted to bring that knowledge and experience to more athletes and help them get the best results from their training. Also 
I am very happy to be part of a network of the best coaches in the world sharing best practice and helping to advance the field, and help athletes perform to the best of their abilities. 
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 What to say about Alister in only a few words! He is one of those old school coaches who doesn’t need to sell himself as his results speak volumes across all his coaching work. I keep finding out who he has worked with in the past and am always taken aback. He is very modest.

I may not have a swish bike and I certainly don’t have the finances or time as a working mum but I do love the sport. Alister got to know what works for me pretty quickly and came up with sessions which were achievable yet challenging. We work together well as he listens to my ideas and concerns to incorporate them into my training and goals. When you are a working single mum juggling many things, sessions get dropped and goalposts shift.  Yet he takes it all in his stride; where I know the lack of consistency is frustrating for other coaches. He trusts me to make the right choices. So if that’s an unscheduled rest day or a postponed race he supports that. (He also says yes to silly ideas like cycling 500km on the turbo in a week.)

What’s great about Alister is his instinct and how he quickly finds where your strengths lie and what makes you tick. He has built my confidence in bounds and found a way to work on my weaknesses like no other. The psychology and rapport cannot be undersold. 
When we first started working together, I was an average top 10er at races, always last out of the water and seriously considering leaving the sport. Fast forward a year and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. I’ve not even had a sniff of an injury thanks to his expertise in strength & conditioning.  Unbelievably I’ve had more podium places on less training.  But what is more important than that, I can see clear progression in all 3 disciplines. 

I feel like a triathlete now; rather than a mum who does triathlons as her hobby. If you want a coach to work with you and truly understand what makes you tick - not just give you a cut and paste plan -then I’d definitely recommend Alister. 

Grace Mackenzie

Alister Russell
over 2 years ago
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