What makes you go fast?

January 17

What makes you go fast?


It’s the time of the year where athletes take stock of their season and set about planning for the next year. They will be looking at target races. Maybe some runners are toying with the idea of coming over to triathlon - you know you want to!


However, most will be looking at all the new cool gear that can make them faster. A new bike that might knock 2 minutes off their time. A disc wheel to propel them up the road quicker. A new helmet that will make them look as cool as their friends. Maybe some bright coloured racing flats - Ok I’ll concede that bright trainers make your run faster.


Really all of the above will at most knock a few minutes off your time, despite spending all your cash. What will really make you go faster is hiring a coach. 


Someone who will meticulously plan your training around your personal situation, ensuring that you progress, maintain consistency, take into consideration the circumstances of the event and turn up to races fit and fresh and not be the fittest injured person you know. A person in your corner who genuinely cares and wants to see you enjoy your sport to its fullest.


By employing a professional coach *cough* me *cough* we will maximise the time available to you putting family and work BEFORE training and churn out the race results that you want.



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