Race results

Season opening race

May 7

First sprint triathlon for 2019 in Beirut, strong performance, PBs and podium to our athletes. 

  • Sebastien finished 3rd in his age category. He couldn't execute his real swimming level for many reasons to be adjusted for the next race but I am satisfied with the excellent performance on the bike and the run legs. Good job Sebastien.
  • Carole Moujaes did an exeptional race after her injury few month ago when she fell down from her bike and dislocated her elbow. she finished in second place on her age category with a great performance and PB on the swim, bike and run. well done Carole. 
  • Andre Megarbane managed to finish the race second in his age category despite his knee pain he did a strong swim and bike. 
  • Saad Sabeh Ayoun was not his day, but I bieleve this is not the best distance for him...Another big session on the bank Saad.
  • Eddy Melki  huge performance on the bike and run but you still have some hard work on your swim, your team is waiting for you mate.

congratulations to all Triaddicts athletes who did a great race:

  • Hannah Mazkour 2nd overall 
  • Vincent Barouki 3rd age category 
  • Mary Anne Ballouz 1st age category 
  • Karson Anderson  2nd age category 
  • kevork Altounian 5th Overall and 1st age category
  • Lindos Daou 2nd age category 
  • Elias Baydoun 4th age category
  • Khaled stephan 5th age category 
  • walid karam 1 st age category 
  • Marwan matar 5th age category 
  • ziad Matar 6th age category
  • Martin Mogharbel 8 th age category 
  • George Matta 4th age category 
  • Youssef Al Ajouz 3rd age category 
  • Bernard Tabib 6th age category 
  • Elie Naaoum 3rd age category