Triathlon Evolution

September 22

Triathlon is fake. In the sense that it is not a natural progression of evolution that the human body has been building towards for millions of years.

Think of the rope along this bridge being 2.5millions years of evolution from homo sapiens and triathlon is one hair at the end.

Our bodies have adapted to survive, procreate, share a few stories then bite the dust.

Expectations of human performance nowadays are derived from what media tells us we can achieve and what our egos need to be fed.

My argument is that we are built to run for short periods and walk for long periods to chase prey and then once hunted - sit, eat and rest. The motivation is to eat and help the tribe survive.
We now want to sprint/endure swimming and cycling in this fashion, then run. The motivation is not to survive, but to get a good personal best time?

I’m not trying to poo poo the sport of triathlon, I love the sport, but feel we need a reality check about what we are asking our bodies to do and focus on what the sport can bring to us, spiritually, mentally, physically. Love the sport for its personal challenge, growth of human potential and listen to YOUR body and how it naturally wants to move, accept it and enjoy it.

Millions of years of evolution have been to allow us to be roaming nomads, not fitness machines setting new watt records or KOM strata segments daily.