Tri Tips

June 9

 We all want to get the most out of our training and reap the benefits of a well executed session. So what strategies can we employ to train effectively?

  • Have a purpose: knowing why you wake up each morning to that alarm and what triathlon means to you is critical. Have a few words to remind you of that, whether it is to make someone proud, break the cycle of excuses, prove to yourself that your better than average...
  • Session intensity: going at a medium effort on an easy run is not tough, it is wasteful, you are burning matches from the next session where it may be beneficial to go hard, but now you get 2 average sessions. Slow and easy is a skill and should be treated with importance as you learn to move with as little effort as possible and lay down neuromuscular patterning. 
  • Rep battle: within a session challenge subsequent reps from a third person - “I’m going to smash this 5th 1min effort and make 6 hate me”, then on the 6th say “jeez 5 was a pussy, this is how to go MAD!”
  • YouTube: find an inspirational person that you can draw from that narrates your life story or situation that you are in now. Then watch a short clip of them during the warm up or before session to get the motivation firing.
  • Count and breathe: when struggling focus on counting to 10, 20 and breathe to the rhythm. Often when riding you can exhale on the dominate side during efforts, so alternate exhale on downstroke each side for efforts.
  • Mix it up: if you train solo then try in a group or vice versa. In a group you may be humbled by seeing how well someone else executed the session or open your eyes to how hard it is to stick to a plan on your own, in silence.

Hopefully these strategies can open your mind to new opportunities in your training and allow you to grow as an athlete. 
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