With a huge smile two of my athletes finished a half marathon last weekend - one for the first time ever, the other one with a PB!

June 1

Im am so proud of my athletes:


For several reasons Claudia had some difficulties in training properly and regurarly over the last couple of weeks. She even was thinking of cancelling her participation of the strava half marathon in the italian part of Switzerland. I encouraged her to give it a try... and she even finished with a personal best!!! She had an icredible race and almost could not believe that she ran as fast as never before!


G.N. on the other side was starting at the Sempachersee half marathon last weekend. Her first half marathon ever, after she starting running as a rookie just about two years ago. After 16 km she even was 10 minutes faster as at another shorter race a couple of weeks ago! Unfortunately some crambs disturbed her on the last kilometers. Still very happy she finished with a huge smile on her face. The race was an incredible experience for her. Now we are getting her ready for a 35 km race in Chile South America. 


Race recaps like this make me very proud of the work my athletes are doing and trying to give their best in every training and race!