Lightning doesn’t hit twice the same place, or does it??

June 17

There is a popular saying stating that a lightning never strikes twice the same place. Well, maybe not exactly the same place but close enough
In 2016 Daniela Ryf astonished the world by winning two top class long distance triathlons within one week: Challenge Roth on July 17th and Ironman Zurich on July 24th. 
Brazilian scientific triathlon community said that her, Brett and Trisutto staff were crazy about doing that and that her performance in Kona was probably ruined. Later, on October 8th, Daniela successfully defended her 2015 Kona title and became IM world champion twice in the row. 
But history is history right? Not really. Last weekend Kirsty Jahn almost repeated The Angry Bird achievement by winning two top class Ironman within 14 days: Ironman Brazil on May 27th and Ironman Boulder on June 10th. They have lots in common but, essentially, both are Trisutto’s pro squad athletes... 
I am not surprised by these results, since I know their training methodology. Actually, I am very  happy and proud to be part of this team. 
All I want to say is congratulations Daniela, Kirsty and all trisutto’s professionals and age groupers athletes: you are amazing. 
Congratulations Brett, Robbie and Susie: you guys put together a great team.
Congratulations to all Trisutto Coaches: we are part of this history.
Ricardo M. Borges 
Team CRB Head Coach 
Trisutto - Brazil