Race results

Another great one for us

June 18

Erika has joined Team CRB just a few weeks ago. We didn't have much time to work together yet, but we've changed some things. 
Her bike position has improved a lot and also does her cadence and now she is riding more like a trisutto athlete. 
Although her running was already good, we tried to work one or two things out, specially about her arms and hands. Since she started training with us she is running holding either real or virtual (as she says) MM's tubes. Her consciousness about her hands positioning has improved a lot.
Well, yesterday she did a short distance Duathlon (5 km run, 20km bike and 2,5 km run), valid for the state duathlon championship and finished third with a great split down on the bike and a really strong second run.
Congratulations Erika, we from Team CRB and Trisutto salute you.
And welcome to Trisutto