ETE Racing Race SuitDone




- TRI body with inserted sleeves
- Anatomical TRI cut
- Round neck construction
- Zip front or back
- Elastic material with aerodynamic and water dynamic properties
- Sleeves laser cut with silicone print on the inside
- Elastic finish on the leg with silicone coating
- 2 back pockets with side engagement
- Flat seams

About Scatta

At Scatta’ we believe that you shouldn’t be defined by choices of other people, that’s why we strive every single day to create the most fabulous designs, sitting alongside the desires of our customers.

The apparel you choose to wear should be the most flattering, the highest performing, and the most honest version of your creative side – whether you are buying a single collection for yourself, or an entire wardrobe for your club of corporate event, the team here at Scatta’  are here for you – with a unique co-creation process that ensures you get the look you deserve!

Every garment must be perfect, each stitch, each piece of fabric, every pattern – you trust us to deliver and that is not taken lightly, we strive to deliver on that promise with every order.

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