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Trainingsdag Nederland


NameTrainingsdag Nederland
CoachMirjam Weerd
PriceEUR 25
DateNovember 14, 2020
Tijdens deze trainingsdag train je mee met de atleten uit de coachingsgroep van Mirjam Weerd en leer je meer over de Trisutto manier van trainen, gebaseerd op ruim 40 jaar coachings ervaring van de topcoach Brett Sutton. 
9.30 uur welkom in zwembad Zeist
10.00 uur zwemtraining
14.00 uur loop of fiets training
15.30 uur afronding
Tussen de zwem en loop of fiets training zal Mirjam de Trisutto trainingsmethode toelichten
Location and Accommodation
KNZB zwembad Zeist
Woudenbergseweg 56
3707 HX Zeist

Het zwembad bevindt zich op het KNVB centrum. 
Whats included?

- zwemtraining
- loop of fiets training
- individuele aanwijzingen
- inzicht in de Trisutto manier van trainen

Een week van te voren hoor je wat je precies mee moet nemen. 
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I would call myself still a newbie in triathlon sport but with Mirjam at my side I got right into it :) we started to work together in 2017 and with her experience and years as athlete she teached me a lot. No matter if are the athlete who needs to be motivated or rather stopped from overdoing- she understands you and makes it fit! with her simply open minded way of life, humour and fun at triathlon she just gives you the little extra kick to be and give the best each session or race. She will find the right words and trainings to make you feel comfortable and able to achieve whatever you are aiming for! For me within 6 months that was to qualify for the 70.3 worlds 2018 and we made it. No doubt that you need to work hard for it but if you want to have a laugh while doing it- she is the one! ;) besides all the fun I feel like whatever problem is coming up she will find a way to get us training trough it. She just understands, adjusts if needed and keeps looking at the big picture. The are more challenges ahead and I can’t wait to face them with Mirjam

Jenni Paglia
about 2 years ago
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 After having had an injury that obliged me to do any kind of sports during a three-month period, Mirjam helped me to get into a regular training again. Thanks to her, I could finish my second Ironman 10 months later successfully in a faster time than my first one. She is a very empathetic coach with a huge knowledge. Since I have worked with Mirjam, my learning curve regarding my training and racing has been very steep. 

Cécile Amstad
about 2 years ago
I have been advised to contact Mirjam as being the perfect coach for my first 1/2 ironman in June 2020. Without any knowledge I stept into a new world. Mirjam is the really the most friendly, patient helpful and knowledgeable coach/person I could ever imagine and find to realise this challenge . Thanks to her my physical condition is getting better without any injuries. She told me about the Lanzarote training camp . At first I hesitated as I just started training and felt ashamed as a newly to face much better and younger athletes. But Mirjam convinced me to join the camp, as everybody would train on its own level and we would make some big steps forward. Which we really did !
Her love for the sport is so big you just get better following her advice and instructions. She took me out for some bike rides and was able to point out what I had to improve, as her approach is 100% positive there is nothing negative in the way she teaches you to become an ironman. I will for sure participate in an other training-camp just to take home a little bite of the passion she has for this sport and the positive attitude she has towards life. 
Mirjam, thank you for being my coach.

Salo Henselijn

salo henselijn
8 months ago

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