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Kids Camp Athens


NameKids Camp Athens
CoachVassilis Krommidas
PriceUSD 299
DateJuly 30, 2019
Details to be announced April, 2019.
Few months ago I decided to start my journey into triathlon training, aiming to enter a triathlon competition. I opted for online coaching, through Trissuto, as my options as a begginer, are limited in the country, where I live. Coach Vassilis Krommidas, has been suuporting me in the best possible way. He was always available, to answer every question, whether technical, or informative, and even sent motivation messages to encourage me. His training program was an excellent plan for a first timer triathlon athlete. It was easy to follow, gradually increased in ability level and prepared me successfully, for my first triathlon race.  Vassilis Krommidas is not only a tremendous athlete, but also a very knowledgeable coach, who will make sure an athlete is safe during training and builds on strength and skills in all 3 disciplines. Thank you coach. 

Sophia Veroni
8 months ago
i have made a paused for the summer

asimina inglezou
29 days ago

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