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Alpe DHuez Triathlon Camp


NameAlpe DHuez Triathlon Camp
CoachFran Bungay
PriceUSD 400
DateMay 26, 2019
The Trisutto Alpe D’Huez Triathlon Training week is offered to triathletes who are looking for an intense training week with high level technical coaching in an amazing mountainous environment, which will involve riding some of the great iconic alpine cols, including the 21 bends of Alpe D’Huez. Due to the nature of the specific coaching, we have only 12 places available which will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

All coaching is provided by Trisutto Coach Fran Bungay (BTF level 3 triathlon coach and coach tutor).

You will receive an athlete’s questionnaire once you have booked your place. Please complete it in as much detail as possible so we can get a picture of your fitness, goals, and individual objectives of what you would like to achieve from the week.

All long rides will have vehicle support and multiple coaches with the group. It is very important that you listen to your body, as we can adjust the sessions accordingly.

The base for the camp overlooks Lac du Verney (site of the swim for the Alpe D’Huez triathlon)

We can also discuss your own goals, your available training time and how you can plan your training smartly, and periodize your training blocks to peak for your race goals. If you would subsequently like a more specific training programme, Fran can spend time on a one to one basis with you, so we can build your profile and work towards developing a training programme that fits around work, family and other commitments.

Day 1: Arrive and settle in
2-3hr Ride exploring some of the mountains
Meet the group, outline weeks programme

Day 2: Swim technique session: Focus on drill work and individual stroke development
1hr Run: inc element of drill work focusses on running efficiency and technique
Descending skills ride

Day 3: 3hr mountain ride: Alpe D’Huez via Bourg D’Oisans
30min run off the bike in Alpe D’Huez (off road run route following the Alpe D’Huez triathlon course)
Open water swim Lac de Laffrey

Day 4: Swim: CSS set (Critical Swim Speed)
Structured run set (intervals) focused on running efficiency.
Optional short ride

Day 5: Ride Alpe D’Huez Triathlon long bike course to include Col de la Morte, Col d’Ornon and finally Alpe D’Huez
Swim: Recovery swim
Strength and conditioning

Day 6: Easy ride
Optional swim
Group meal

Aspects that are covered during the week long training: 
Training philosophy –  learn principles of periodisation, the training mix, psychology + physiology, athlete development and the use of races within these considerations. 
Swim training – techniques for the individual athlete, use of swim tools, stroke correction. 
Bike training – positioning, technique for the individual athlete, bicycle and component selection, skills, tools. 
Run training – technique for the individual athlete, shoe choice, use of run tools (hills, track, treadmill, road). 
Triathlon – integration of swim, bike and run into the one training approach. 
Stretching – massage, warm up and warm downs. 
Injuries – prevention, treatment, athlete mentality and training around or through them. 
Race execution – strategy for the individual athlete and season goals. 
Location and Accommodation
Camp Base is in Allemont, close to Alpe Dhuez, and Bourg D'Oison, approx 80mins from Lyon the nearest airport.  

If you would like help sourcing accommodation contact Ade at
Whats included?
What is included:

  • Fully coached 6 day training programme for swim bike and run.
  • Vehicle support on rides which will include some of the most iconic alpine climbs e.g. Alpe D’Huez
  • Introductory evening drinks and outline of the week’s plan.
  • Specific descending skills workshop on the road
  • Evening goal setting seminar
  • Evening nutritional seminar
  • Group meal and Goalspecific goodies

What is not included:

  • Flights/transport to the camp (airport transfer from Lyon can be arranged for a small fee to cover travel)
  • Accommodation

Includes all coaching, support vehicles, swim session entry, group meal and Goalspecific goodies.


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