Race results

National and Youth League Race in Sion

May 26

Saturday saw 5 of the TLS squad racing at the National League and Youth League races in Sion. 

Kesia Machler put together a strong race and whilst she is continuing to work on her strength in the water she showed her leg strength on the bike and run finishing 5th in the Youth League.

The rest of the squad made the step up to the National League. As the youngest in the field this is a great opportunity for them to experience and learn to improve during the season and to future years.

Lars Schnider found how being in cold water can affect your swim but credit goes to him for managing himself and continuing on with a strong race where he rode and ran himself into 5th place in the U18 and 31st overall.

Lukas Berger put together an exceptional first National League race and showed that he is a smart racer. A good swim backed up with a smart bike allowed him to run well off the bike and finish 9th U18 and 41st overall

Theo West showed his character on Saturday and his never give up attitude. Whilst his swim is off the mark for now he is doing all he can back home to bring it up to the bike and run ability he has. He worked hard on the bike with little help, but no excuses from him, he just got to work. A strong run had him finish 15th in U18 and 53rd overall. Watch for improvements from Theo over the season.

Emma Jacot ticked off her first triathlon since breaking her collarbone in March. It is tough losing fitness and having to rebuild it after an injury and so far Emma had been up to the challenge. Finishing 12th in U18 and 29th overall gives her the benchmark for her to work and improve on through the season.