New Training Facilities for TLS

October 15

On Saturday 28 September, the new Traglufthalle (TLH) was officially inaugurated at the Zuchwil Sports Centre. Daniela Ryf opened the event with a video greeting from Hawaii. 

Urs Jäggi, director of the Zuchwil sports centre, writes: 

"Great benefit for athletes and all people who like to move. In addition to prominent guests such as Daniela Ryf, four-time world champion in long-distance triathlon from Feldbrunnen, world-class triathletes Max and Felix Studer from Kestenholz and long-distance swimmer Romano Mombelli from Solothurn, the indoor swimming pool is also available to normal athletes. The pool will also be open to the public from 12 noon on. From this day on it will be possible to "swim" in the air dome every day.

After the training break, the triathletes of the Regional Triathlon Training Centre Solothurn will also be able to swim over the winter in the new air dome and prepare well for the 2020 season. 

Further information about the new air dome in Zuchwil can be found here